Here are my 3 short picks for tomorrow’s market.  I will consider getting into these 3 tradings after confirmation and after the first 15 – 30min of market open.

First, AXP:  Here we broke the support line, the 10 EMA and also the bottom trend line.  First target is about a dollar down to the 20 EMA.  Oscillators are starting to support the move.


Next we have CAT which filled a gap today.  Oscillators support the move, although we are starting to get a bit oversold.  We are below all of the EMAs.  Assuming we continue on downward (same situation as AXP) I like this one short.  82.66 is my first target.  CAT_JUNE_5_2013

Lastly, we have EBAY which broke out of a triangle a few days ago.  Just today we closed below the 200 SMA which puts us below all of the MAs.  In addition, oscillators are bearish, however, RSI is starting to get oversold.  That being said, my target is 49.54. EBAY_JUNE_6_2013

That about does it for tonight.  Happy trading!


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