VZ, HD, AAPL, COST: Picks for June 7, 2013.

VZ (LONG)  looks ripe for a bullish move.  We had a strong white candle today that came to rest on the short term trend line.  I expect a break of that line tomorrow or Monday and I plan on entering on a close above $51.00  My target is 53.60.  Indicators are already turning.  I think this is a great trade.


HD (LONG) is another stock looking like it will move bullishly.  Except, this one I won’t wait for a close.  Assuming we get an intra close above the first 15min candle, I will take the trade bullishly.  Now, granted MACD and Stochs need to turn up to support the move, but the volume on that white candle was very strong.  The only small road block is the 10 EMA, but it doesn’t worry me all that much.  First target is 80.21.


AAPL AAPL AAPL.  (SHORT)  It had it’s chance to break out on an inverse head and shoulders, but failed.  In addition to failing that breakout, it has also sliced through a short term trend line.  I see this one bearish with a first target of 431.00, second target of 416.39 and an ultimate target of 385.42.  Indicators are starting to turn over and a new downtrend is starting.  I like this one bearish with an intra day close below the first 15min candle.


COST (LONG) is looking like a solid trade.  I would feel better if MACD and Stochs supported the trend which is why I would like a close (or strong volume) above the wick from 6/5 before getting in.   I like an entry of 111.87.  I think this one is ultimately bullish.


That about wraps it up today.  Happy trading and good luck!


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