Picks for Tomorrow: KO, LOW, SBUX, WMT, BA, TSLA

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have a lot to look at, so let me go ahead and get started!

KO:  At the start of last week, it looks like we formed a tweezer bottom/reversal.  With oscillators bottoming out and starting to turn up, I like KO bullish with a close above 41.79.  Stop is 40.94 and my target is 43.05.  This gives me an ROI of slightly better than 1:1.  Not the best trade, and actually as I’m looking it over, I think this trade will take a lot of patience.    I’ll post it for reference.


LOW: Similar situation as KO, but I like this trade a lot better.  Rather than waiting for a close, I would wait for confirmation after the first 15min.  Oscillators have reset and are starting to reverse bullishly.  We closed right on the 10 and 20 EMAs, so I think we have room to move up!  Stop = 40.72 and Target = 43.24.


SBUX:  We just made an all time high!  RSI changed direction bullishly and MACD/Stochs are pointing upward.  They have not crossed yet, so while they are moving bullishly, be cautious if you enter the trade.  My stop is at 63.75 and my target is 66.24.  This would be a 15min entry type trade.  This is another 1:1 trade.  Once again, as I’m looking at this one,  the risk/reward isn’t as good as it could be.  Keep an eye on it though!


WMT:  This one looks good with a close over 77.35.  Target is 78.76 and my stop is 75.95.  This entry allows for a close above oscillators and gives MACD and Stochs to cross upward (although they are already pointing bullishly).  RSI has reversed.  This gives another approximate 1:1 ROI.


BA:  Last but not least is BA.  BA has breached its all time high and is continuing it’s upward trend.  This is a 15min entry with a stop of 100.50 and a target of 105.01.  Not much to say about the oscillators or MAs as they have a similar story to the rest of the stocks I’ve looked at.  This trade has a 1.5:1 ratio.  This is probably my favorite trade of the lot!



Also, take a look at TSLA.  I don’t have time to post a chart, but it looks like an early morning entry if it moves bullishly.

Goodnight all and happy trading!


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