Stock Picks for Wednesday, June 26 2013: $FSLR, $BIDU, $AWAY, $AAPL

Hi all.  Short update tonight due to the current market indecision we are facing.

$FSLR:  We had a nice rebound after testing resistance at 40.88.  I believe there is a lot of upside to this stock with a target of 47.35 (50 SMA).  Enter after the first 15min, put your stop below the low of the first 15min candle.



$BIDU:  I still like this one short from yesterday.  We had a light volume doji today where we tested the 100SMA.  I like this one after 15min confirmation.  Target is 84.15.BIDU_JUNE_26_2013

$AWAY:  A very nice strong, proud breakout on good volume from the symmetrical triangle.  Thanks to @innov8v for pointing out this trade!  This is a market opening entry.  My stop will be below the first 15min candle once it forms.AWAY_JUNE_26_2013

$AAPL:  Lastly, I have been calling for this one and I have been ignoring my own voice.  If we had gotten in on a close below 416, we had two days to take profits.  Well, I think there is opportunity for more bearish moving.  A close below 397.75 and we should be heading towards 388.  AAPL_JUNE_26_2013

I think I may be over-trading and trying to force trades so I’m going to stick with these four for tonight.  Good luck everyone!



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