Picks for Tomorrow July 1, 2013: $AXP, $LULU, $POT

There isn’t a lot I am crazy about with the market still (imo) in an indecision phase.  However, here is what I think has potential:

$AXP: Bearish volume was strong on Friday, but a strong close above 75.50 should send this stock higher.  Stochs are reset and turning up while MACD is about the cross.  AXP_JULY_1_2013

$LULU:  LULU missed earnings, but it has the potential to recover from this recent sell-off. A close above 66.20 should send us to the 100 SMA.LULU_JULY_1_2013


$POT:  We are approaching oversold territory, but I don’t think we’re there yet.  A close below 37.70 looks like a good entry with a target of 36.80.  If 36.80 is breached, this one could have some legs in the bearish direction.POT_JULY_1_2013

There are a few other trades I’m looking at but I’m trying to keep my picks to a minimum and focus on the ones that have the best potential.

Good luck all, and happy trading.


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