Picks for Thursday July 11, 2013: $DDD, $DIS, $GS, $HES

Here are my picks for tomorrow.  Just a quick note that futures are up quite a bit after hours.  Let’s see if that holds into tomorrow.

$DDD:  I like a long entry on a close above 48.75.  Targets are 50.98 and 51.87.  Stop is TBD.  MACD and Stochs are supporting a bullish move.DDD_JULY_11_2013

$DIS:  Here is a bracket trade; similar to the one posted a few days ago.  I like a long entry of 65.60 with a target of 67.88.  A shot entry of 63.75 with a target of 62.00.  Stop TBD.DIS_JULY_11_2013

$GS:  I like a long entry on a close above 157.60.  Targets are 160.80 and 165.65.  Stop TBD.GS_JULY_11_2013

$HES:  I like a long entry on a close above 69.05 with a target of 72.40.  My stop is TBD.HES_JULY_11_2013

Keep an eye on some stock picks from yesterday:




There you are.  Good luck to everyone.


4 thoughts on “Picks for Thursday July 11, 2013: $DDD, $DIS, $GS, $HES

  1. Mark, going to use the stockta and my own subpar analysis

    DDD – breaking out of a nice bull flag on the weekly chart and there is a very strong support line at 45.78
    DIS – same exact thing with Disney, strong support at 64.16
    GS – funny I have this one short, tough call, see modest support at 151.73 and modest resistance at 158.38
    HES – strong support at 67.98, looks good long, may be bouncing off a trend line on weekly chart

    As you can tell I like weekly charts, but that is sort of my bias as I will hold trades as long as I have too, but don’t get me wrong, I would love to be out of them within 5 days

    Good trading!


    • Jose,

      Thanks for your input. I’ll start to take a look at weekly charts as they are obviously valuable in medium to long-term trades. I’ll be careful of the GS trade, but I really like HES and DDD.

      Based on futures, it looks like any long positions will benefit from the pop tomorrow. Personally, I’d move my stops up maybe 5 to 10% below the open and collect any gains in case we fade the gap. Time will tell. Good luck, sir!


      • Seems like you put a lot of thought into your picks. Can I ask how you whittle down your list? Are there certain criteria that must be met?


      • Jose,

        Yes. I evaluate around 60 stocks each night but usually only 5 to 10 stick out as good plays. From there I really scrutinize those to find the best looking trades. What I mean by that is I check to ensure the candles, support/resistance and oscillators including ARX support the trade.

        For some reason I tend to pick some good trades but normally I get into the ones that take some time to develop. This isn’t on purpose of course but just seems to be what is happening.

        I won’t be make to update my blog today but I am expecting a small pullback in the overall market before pushing higher. If we close above alltime highs I am very bullish but time will tell.

        Good luck and let me know what you see!

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