1/26/18 Market Update

Current Positions:

$DIS: 25 shares.  Current Status: +0.56%. Plan: Sell at Target 1: $113.16.    Earnings: 6 Feb

$DNKN:  3 March 67.5 Calls.  Current Status:  +12.3%.  Plan:  Target 1:  70.82

$IWM:  2 March $157 calls.  Current Status: One call @ +25%  Target: $162.09


$C:  2 March $77.5 calls.  Current status:  CLOSED +18.8% Target 1: $79.64  Target 2: $81.97  Earnings: April

$MCD:  2 February $175 calls.  Current Status: CLOSED -3.2%

$WMT: 2 March $100 calls.  Current Status: 2nd contract +97.4%. CLOSED


$AXP:  2 March $100 calls.  Current Status: -3.9%   Target 1:  $102.37  Target 2: $104.94 Target 3: 108.26


In addition to the above, I also cover: $SPY, $QQQ, $CAT $DE $EBAY $FCX $TSLA

Video here:


1 thought on “1/26/18 Market Update

  1. Hey Mark. Looks like you have been quite busy. It’s good work that you are putting in.

    Would like to chat sometime about something I am working on that may put us on the same page. It sounds like you buy naked calls and puts for your stock picks. I am working on putting a system together that utilizes only call debit spreads. So, I would be bullish the market for the most part. It is a trend following system, but the backtesting on it is quite good. Would love to run it buy you.

    It is a little different then what you are doing in that I don’t really worry about the downside risk until expiration (40 to 70 days out). I find that to be the most stressful part of trading – knowing when to get out at a loss. So, that is why I do defined risk debit spreads. What was the hardest to figure out was the scan I would use to find these stocks/etfs.

    Good trading and look forward to talking soon.


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