1/19/18 – Market Update

Current Positions:

$AAPL: 2 February $180 calls.  Current Status: +18.5%.  Target 1:  182.13   Target 2: 189.59  Earnings:  1 February

$DIS: 25 shares.  Current Status: +0.4%. Plan: Sell at Target 1: $113.16.    Earnings: 6 Feb

$WMT: 2 March $100 calls.  Current Status: 2nd contract +64% Plan:  Sell at Target 2: 108.69  Earnings:  15 Feb

$WYNN: 1 February $175 calls  Current Status: +17%  Plan:  Target 1: 178.35  Target 2: 188.58.  Earnings:  1 Feb


In addition to the above, I also cover: $SPY, $QQQ, $C, $DNKN, $EBAY, $IP, $IWM, $MCD, $MMM, $TSLA

Video here: https://youtu.be/c80SVbCb8Aw


25 March Update

With the large sell-off, I got stopped out of my DD trade.  Yes, I took a loss, but it was negligible for two reasons:  1. My position was small.  2.  I mitigated my risk by getting into the trade near support and thus use a tight stop.  DD continued to plummet past my stop, with my account in tact.  As pointed out yesterday, I am already eying a re-entry for DD assuming that the overall market’s bullish uptrend continues and DD joins in.

Speaking of which, there are a number of stocks that are so very tempting to short.  I say tempting because the overall market’s uptrend is still in tact.  I may take a gamble on a short of a stock that is already in a down trend, such as $UPS.

Other stocks that are temping to short in the near term:  $BAC, $COF, $IP, $JNJ, $JPM.

Again, I would strong encourage anyone to understand the risks of taking a short trade in this current market environment.

That’s all for today.  I don’t expect to post again until the weekend.  Have a great rest of the week and happy trading!